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Human Services

• Food and financial assistance & referrals

• Culturally sensitive bereavement and crisis support

• Connecting families to culturally relevant resources and networks

• Interpreter services in Wolof, Mandinka and more


• Mediation support with school/landlord/utilities/lawyer

• Assistance completing applications/registration forms

• Listening sessions for families

• Racism, Hate and Bias Reporting

• Referrals for legal, housing and mental health services


• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops

• Webinars and workshops for youth

• Leadership and volunteer opportunities for youth

• Provide resources for Mental Health and Wellness

• African women's support group

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Catering to the diverse needs of our
students and families through 
Community Outreach and Engagement



In addition to Bellevue School District schools and Family Connection Centers, Africans on the Eastside (AOE) is here to serve families and students who may need help in school or help in understanding how the school system works. 

With over 30 years of volunteer experience within the school district and surrounding communities, Africans on the Eastside parents and family partners have a wealth of information about the education system, special programs and how to access help if families need it.


AOE offers learning opportunities for youth and parents and meeting opportunities to discuss issues that may be affecting our communities.

  • Our staff can help you find resources that you can use to support yourself and your students at home, in school and in many situations in the community.

  • Advocacy and Mentor Training – Webinars, Workshops, 1:1 check-ins are a few of the ways that AOE can support families and students.

  • We can also assist you when you want to talk to leaders in your school or with community organizations.

  • On-line workshops, trainings, and classes to learn new ways to support your student.

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