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White Structure

                         About Us                         

Empowering Children, Lifting Every Voice,
Building Bridges for Students, Families, Schools, and Community

Africans on the Eastside (AOE) is an ad-hoc group comprised of parents, youth scholars, community members and grassroots organizations who have come together to actively address the impacts of institutional racism and racial inequity, particularly on the east side of Seattle. 

We strive to reinforce the TRUTH that English Language Learners, Immigrants, Black, Indigenous and other People of Color are valued partners in our communities and schools and need to be included in this work of building an inclusive, anti-racist society. The absence of these voices is a loss to the entire community. 

AOE’s mission is to serve students’ diverse needs and their families as a unit through outreach and engagement, education, advocacy training, leadership opportunities and development. 

We strive to cultivate greater respect for the language and culture of every member in our communities.

                     Meet the Team                    

Unveiling the Minds Behind Our Success

Discover the individuals who fuel our innovation and drive. Get a glimpse into the personalities shaping our journey

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